Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Todays news --- Plan is almost in motion!

In order to get the population of the world at ransom - one would need to have weapons: Weapons of destruction and Psychological weapons! The Psychological weapon - Imaging you had no money and the government offered to give you back all the money if you were to change your currency and accept their solutions??? They will do almost anything to gain control:

Have a look at todays headlines around the world and tell me that the end is not near? and that the "Beasts" plans are starting to come together?

• John McCain: halts presidential campaign for economy crisis talks
• U.N. Head: "Global Financial Crisis Threatens Fight Against Poverty"
• Bush: "Our entire economy is in danger"
• Warren Buffett: "bail out economy or face meltdown"
• Iran's Ahmadinejad Addresses United Nations, Declares 'American Empire' Reaching 'End of Road'
• EU Warns Iran Nearing Ability to Arm Nuclear Warhead
• North Korea Removes Seals From Nuke Plant, Bars Inspectors
• Russia arrived with its Navy in Venezuela for exercises today; AND
• Russian President Medvedev announces the large scale production of nuclear vessels to begin immediately

You have got to see - written in the headlines that there is not a lot of time left...... Start turning your lives to the bible - pray for forgiveness and have hope in Christ's loving grace that we make it through!

God Bless.....