Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What an Awesome 2 weeks!

I must be honest - God is Awesome....so many good blessing are pouring in now that I don't know where to begin.
Firstly - My blogs have touched people’s lives. Renee who has been reading and following one of my blogs, has personally invited me over to write and copy over some of my work to christianconnection.co.za, which will touch many more lives. I pray that the Holy Spirit touches each and every one that reads my articles!
I have had a great 2 weeks. I have had my brother in law over from England with his 2 children. Was an awesome break and was really great to have them. They shared 2 Sabbath's with us and was great! The second Sabbath, we even sat and watched 2 of Mark Woodman's DVD’s and a clip from a website I follow. It looks like it touched him as he has take a few different sets back with him to England, which by the grace of God will touch many people’s lives that they reach.
Another great thing has happened. A colleague of mine who is of Hindu background has been following the DVD's as well, and has said he knows more about Christianity now that his own religion. He has passed these DVD's over to his Christian uncle, who also has been touched. He has requested that we set up a meeting with me and his Pastor of his church to discover these truths about the end times and the beast of revelations. There are truly many deceptions going on around the world that so many are unaware of, and I am so blessed to be a part of them discovering them!


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