Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fact or Conspiracy?

I gave a DVD to a friend of mine. Mark Woodman's latest updated - Oct 2008 on the current events globally, regarding the New world order, financial crisis, political events etc. He returned saying this sounds a lot like a conspiracy. After spending some time chatting to him, giving him more information, I came to realize exactly how Noah must have felt in the last days before the rain came. Evil has gotten involved everywhere, now we even can look at the truth straight in the face and call it a liar!
Here is a Question for you:
If this was a big conspiracy theory, why would the Papacy in Rome Bury John Paul II differently than the rest of the popes?
He was buried in a Trapezoidal shaped coffin, a regular shape used by Satanists for resurrections using demons. His face was covered with a Silk cloth (never done before), and was sealed in a Lead coffin! Weird....but true.
Have a look at these 2 x 8mins clips showing you all this evidence:
Video 1


If this still was a conspiracy, and the Papacy decided to trick the whole world into believing they are satanic, and were planning to resurrect the old pope soon, to control the world like they did in the dark ages, burning heretic who did not believe their laws and their religion, then the Bible is a lie too. As the book of Daniel (old testament) and the book of Revelation (new testament) both tell of this happening in the very close future!!
Then everything is a lie, including our existence.....I think not!!!

People, we can look each day at all this evidence, all this news and do nothing, or we can start believing that something BIG is about to happen, and start looking for the truth. It’s time to question your faith, question your church's and start trusting in God! Deception has crept into every area of our lives, and we have been so accustomed to it that we now just accept it! Even in our own churches, Jesuits (covered previously) have infiltrated and corrupted our belief structure, changed our bibles, and completely corrupted our political systems.

The Stage is set worldwide for a global domination. Financial, Political, Religious and Military events have all taken place, have got the world exactly where they want it, it’s just a matter of time before we see the last moves take place!
Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look into the bible and discover the prophecies unfolding in front of your very eyes, do not ignore them! How much more evidence do you need to believe in a loving God and that Jesus is your personal saviour and can help you through these soon seriously troublesome times!!

If you have not seem or read the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation on this subject, I suggest you read this article and do the homework!

Daniel and Revelation Study

God Bless


Stacey said...

Amen to that! Our churches need to wake up. They do not teach us this stuff when we become Christians/church members. Thank you for bravely sharing what you are learning.

Stacey said...

Amen to that! Our churches need to wake up. They do not teach us this stuff when we become Christians/church members. Thank you for bravely sharing what you are learning.

n3m3s1s4u said...

Thanks Stacey - Yes it is very sad that for many years now - our trusted Churches have been corupted by the FILTH of satan!
you will be surprised how deep this all goes! satan has been planning this from word go and has given everyone a false sense of security, when in fact we are all being decieved! It is time to get our noses back in the bible and study vigilently and do not take your pastors word as gospel! you need to cross check everything in order to make sure you soul is saved! God Bless you in your search for the truth, I pray that the Lord shows you everything your heart is longing to learn!