Monday, January 12, 2009

Lets Kick off again!

Hello Everyone….Shoo, its been a while. Sorry for those that have been following and catching up with the content of this blog and have not had any new content and where probably wonder why? Well to be honest, I was a little despondent and was not sure if many were actually coming back to look or were going to partake in the blog. But alas, I have had my first comment!! thank you for the comment!

In order for a Blog like this to stay alive and get regular new content, it needs a bit of feedback and also needs some topics. All the information thus far on this page comes in waves. Lots of things has happened since, but not sure what people would want to see and hear on this blog, so got lazy and didn’t bother updating. Well its the new year, and I feel that its time to play a bit of catch up of whets been happening in our crazy world over the past few months. Silly season is now over and things are starting to go back to “Work” Mode. In English that means – use the company internet to write and read blogs :-)

So, What has been happening. Well America has a new president, the Money crisis grew to massive levels, people have been retrenched, lost jobs and banks have gone bung. Israel and Palestine are at war with each other, Weather around the world has been going crazy, but one good thing remains – Jesus’ love for us all!! John 3:16 – For God loved the world so much, he gave us his only son. So that for those who believe in him will not perish, but have eternal life! Amen!!!

I am so glad that God loves me….although I am sinful, not the greatest, best, richest, happiest, strongest person around – he Still loves me. He is full of grace and mercy and has given is Jesus to see us through this tough times! We need to keep our faith and push on as good things are awaiting us!

Since my last post, I have watched all sorts of new DVD’s with massive amounts of information about the bible, the flood, creation, Sin, Satan, The dark ages, Science, dinosaurs, fossils, and so much more. Interesting things indeed that I could never have fathomed out on my own! It is amazing how many different ways the bible can be read, but when God wants people to know the truth, he sure enough gets that message through! Amen!

So what does this mean for you? Should I continue to post random topics and let you put it all together? or Are you going to start joining in and asking Questions, post comments and get the ball rolling for the new year? Any input would be great…..but if not, I will carry on the way I used to!

Hope you all have a fantastic 2009 – God bless