Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Balancing Act

Hello once again, sorry it has taken me this long to write something. My excuse is a poor art of the Balancing Act! Well as you know, I have taken things rather seriously over the past few months. I have discovered so many uplifting truths that I get caught up in them all and time just runs out to talk about them all. Right now - I have about 100 different DVD's, Topics, videos, Audio stream and books to read. I only wish, that I had found this truth years ago. That would have given me much more time to get through it all systematically. Right now I am trying to finish "The whole Truth" series by Walter Veith, reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, Reading E.G White's 10 in 1 book - History of Redemption, working during the day, 2 Bible studies in the week and also trying to be a husband and Father. So I am out of touch with regards to Balancing my life perfectly. I try and cram in during the spare time of the day, both the reading of the bible and E.G White, as well as work! So with regards to the blog and Facebook group, I have been slipping a little. I know I owe you part 2 of the Commandments! There are about 3 parts in total and need to sit down and finish them off! What would be of great help, would be to let me know how many are actually reading this blog from day to day via email, also requesting any more information / topics /requests etc would be of a great help in giving you great content!
God Bless - speak to you soon


GraceFromHim said...

I am interested in your articles!
Thanks for taking the time to reserch these things....they are profound!

In Christ,