Friday, October 3, 2008

A Disturbing yet exciting Email

A recently receive an email - actually this morning I opened it. It confirmed everything I have mentioned thus far on my blog about the current events. On top of this, yesterday I listened to a strange Sermon done in Capetown, this Guy prophesied the same events listed on this Blog.... there was something eerie about it, So I doing some research into him and the church it came from. I am not saying it isn't the Work of God, but would like to be sure, as they say - there will be false prophets at the end times! I will get back to you on that one - and post it for you to download and listen, once I am sure it is Legit.
Back to the Email / Letter
Firstly - I am not going to mention which of my Friends sent this to me, as this could cause problems for her and the people involved.....

Hi Trevor,

This is somewhat sensationalistic, but it could have substance... I’d like to talk to you about this article.

Love, Dave.

Author unknown: The following information is from an aquaintence of mine. This person's relative is dating a high-level secret society member who owns millions. The exact society is unknown. He was pacing the floor in their mansion and seemed upset. She asked him what was wrong and he began to explain our nation's current situation and what's to come. At first, he simply said that he couldn't understand why the stock market hadn't crashed in spite of secret meetings held over the past weekend (Sept. 12-14, '08). He said that back in the Reagan era, a five panel group was designated to role money into the stock market anytime they suspected trouble. The members included 1) the US president 2) the head of Wall Street 3) the SEC president 4) COMM president 5) the US secretary treasurer.

Last week, they rolled an unknown amount into the stock market to prevent it's failure; however, the secret meeting mentioned above, apparently threatened to undo their intentions. This is how he explained it to his girlfriend (my aquaintence's relative). Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, and the US were the contries involved. Iran stated they were no longer willing to sell oil barrells to the US for dollars. Instead, they would only accept Euros. Saudi became angry and left the meeting stating they were the US's ally and would continue to sell to the US for dollars. Russia, however, sided with Venezuela (who's stance on the dollar-issue wasn't mentioned) against the US's position.

It was also mentioned that when the US publically broadcasts that the stock market has completely collapsed, the US economy would also collapse. Following this, the world economy would collapse within 5 days. He continued to mention the buyouts of Merrill Lynch by BOA and said it was bought for only half the price of its true value. He said he knew about this entire situation with the secret meeting because a friend of his is a high ranking undercover military operative somewhere in the east clued him in. Those at this meeting went on to discuss matters concerning the handling of the US economic collapse and how martial law was ready to be inacted if and when everything came down.

Furthermore, they discussed the fact that a war will begin between Iran and Isreal based upon the plan of possibly having Isreal fake that it had been attacked by Iran. Isreal will strike back and the following countries will join in the battle: Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela will be against the US, Saudi Arabia, and Isreal. In the mean time, in order to postpone the US elections, a catastrophic event is to take place somewhere in the US within the next two weeks in order to perminantly postpone the elections in November and bring in martial law. The possibility of a nuclear bomb was also mentioned. All of this was originally planned for October 15th, however, due to the emergency meeting, it has now been rescheduled for sometime this week or next (Sept. 15th-30th, '08). This man's girlfriend was floored, as can be imagined, and told him that she was a former SDA and that Ellen White prophecied about these types of events to take place right before Christ's second coming. Apparently she mentioned a synapsis of E.G. White's predicitons of the NWO, Papal supremicy, the Sunday Law, etc. to which he replyed that everything she said was exactly correct and that the matter would come down just so. He told her they should move to Colorado ASAP as that will be a safe place from the upcoming catastrophe. He went on to mention a couple more details: One, his police friend (a high-up official) was ordered to go ahead and get the Rex 84 consentration camp to which he'd been assigned, ready and operational. It will be full to capasity at 1 million people by 2009. That's all the information given to us by our church aquaintence. Sorry I can't get specific on names and details...but those of you who know me should know I wouldn't make stuff up then claim that it happened.

So - this shook me a little as it makes perfect sense! Get your hands on Ellen G White's books - they are excellent! And lets hope we are ready for the upcoming events - and God bless you all!