Monday, October 20, 2008

Overwhelming Evidence - The bible is Accurate!

Hello once again! It's been a Fantastic weekend.
at Church on Sabbath gone, I received another hefty amount of DVD's on various subjects etc.... Part of this was a set of 3 DVD's on the following Discoveries:
1. Noah's Ark
2. Sodom and Gomorrah

Yes all of these things have been found with outstanding evidence as well. It took this group of researchers many years to gather all this information, which I am sure your will find overwhelmingly evident that the Bible is 100% correct! They take you through the whole video footage, pictures, etc over these 3 DVD's which totally are AWE inspiring. If you had any doubts or needed that little extra to confirm your beliefs - this would be it!!! Fantastic in deed and what a God Blessing thing too!

Another great thing - I prayed to God that I could get some money together so I can mass produce these discs to people using Duplicators and printers, and I received my income tax - they are going to pay me nearly R8000 back..... God is Great - God does answer prayers!!

So if you are close by and can wait a little while - and you would like to see these DVD's - drop me a message and I will make a plan to get you a copy.... in the meantime have a look at their site
All the topics covered on the left and top of page...
take care
God Bless!