Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plain and Simple - 10 Commandments - Part 1

Ten Commandments: Part 1

Isn’t it amazing that now in most of the schools around the world, have prohibited Prayer in Public schools? On top of that, Government building and institutions have forcibly removed the Ten Commandments from them.  Public schools now tech the theory of evolution as absolute truth – I am sure this would amuse or alarm Darwin if he was still around! No wonder it seems that humanity are breading a new race of murderous, disobedient and immoral children in our societies. Can people not see that living a life without God and without Rules has turned the world into Chaos? Disregard of the Ten Commandments has fostered an acceptance of moral decay in our society! Sin has now become a realistic choice in life, which seems to most now as the normal way to be. The Bible warns of this in Romans 6:23 “For the Wages of Sin is Death!”

“What intellectually honest person can deny the consequences of Sin today? Just consider the abortions and sexually transmitted diseases – spawned by promiscuous sexual behavior among heterosexuals, and the politics of promoting the homosexual lifestyle – that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.”

Sex, pornography, violence and crime have become the accepted way and norm in the movie and TV business, which our kids watch every day. Parents are falling victim of bringing up disturbed and confused children who end up blowing away their classmates over a small immature feud between classmates, then pointing a gun to himself and blowing his / her brain away!

The assault on schools around the world has changed values and morals as such: Teenage pregnancies, suicides, illegal drug trafficking, school violence, and killing sprees by pimple faced kids. These are on the ever growing increase and out of control because the moral standards have gone now that the Ten Commandments have been removed.  When I was at school, the issues at hand were, talking in class, running on the corridors, chewing gum, climbing through windows and drawing on the walls, now look at the common problems in schools! Why you ask? Think! Now that you have established the importance and need of the commandments consider that doing away with them is not obeying them causing devastating effects!

Here is a good extract from the book: Why is it so important four or governments now to display the Ten Commandments, if you believe they were nailed to the cross? Or, if the Ten Commandments are so important to society, why do you keep only nine?

This question is not to be rude or appear that way; I just have met so many Christians who once held to those beliefs until they actually searched the Bible for a definitive answer! The answers are right in front of you – you just need to look.

In the New Testament of the book James – we are warned that if we break one commandment, we are guilty of breaking them all (James 2:10)

Also Christ said if we break one of the least of the commandments or teach others to do the same, we will be called “least” into the kingdom of heaven (Mathew 5:19)

Do we now have the authority to choose which of the Ten Commandments we want to keep? I think not, as you can see the affects of what happens when they are not obeyed (you will surely die).

Obeying Gods commands does not get you into heaven; you obey Gods commands because you want to and love the commandments. Living in the light of Christ the Son of God, you naturally keep the commandments out of love. Without Christ, you have death. You cannot obey the commandments and think that you will get into heaven, as without Christ you will not Love the commandments and they will be hard to keep.

Although keeping the Commandment is a rule to getting into heaven, you need to have Christ as your centre and redeemer, and then follow the commandments to get to heaven. So why is there a forgotten commandment? God calls us to “Remember” the Sabbath and keep it holy, so why don’t people follow this anymore? I will get to this a little later.

Here is a question – why would the disciples (after the crucifixion) write the following about the commandments: “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is Lawlessness” 1 Jn 3:4. Sin is breaking of God’s Law. “And Pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath” Mt 24:20. If Jesus knew the Sabbath would no longer be in effect after his resurrection, why did He instruct His follower to pray their flight would not be on the Sabbath? Another – “For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one title will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled” Mt 5:18. Don’t you think if Jesus as to change the law and get rid of the Sabbath at his resurrection he would surely have testified it would change before heaven and earth passed away? In Isaiah 66: 22-23 give a great future look: the Lord says “For as the NEW heavens and NEW earth which I will make shall remain before Me…it shall come to pass that… from one Sabbath to another, all flesh shall come to worship Me.” If the Sabbath was removed from his resurrection why would God reinstate it in the new heavens and new earth? “Remember the Sabbath day, keep it Holy” Ex 20:8 this is why it starts with Remember – it is forever and is the day we worship and spend time with God in rest! Rest in God and enjoy our day that god gave Man.

Not one scripture in the bible says that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday, now is there anywhere in the bible that says that Sunday is a holy / sanctified day to man? Yet Christians are worshipping on Sundays and not on the Sabbath as it was intended? Most followers have this thought – “can the majority of Bible believers be wrong on this issue?”  I don’t think we can trust in the “Majority” practices as Jesus warned that masses would follow the broad path that leads to destruction. He said the gate that leads to eternal life is narrow and only a few will find it (Mt 7:13-14)

So what did Christ nail to the cross?

“This ‘handwriting or ordinances’ our Lord did blot out, take away and nail to the cross” Colossians 2:14 but the moral law containing the Ten Commandments, and enforced by the prophets, he did not take away. Gods commandments are a True and perfect reflection of His character – why would his Son take that away:


Character:                                                                           Ten Commandment Law:

God is Perfect                                                                   Law is Perfect (Ps 19:7; Ja 1:25)

God Is Holy                                                                         Law is Holy (Rom 7:12)

God is Spirit                                                                        Law is spiritual (Rom 7:14)

God is Love                                                                         Law is Love (1 Tim 1:5;Rom 13:10)

God is Light                                                                         Law is Light (Prov 6:23)

God is True                                                                         Law is True (Neh 9:13; Ps 119:142,151)

God is Righteous                                                              Law is Righteous (Rom 8:4)

God is Righteousness                                                     Law is Righteousness (Ps 119:172)

God is Just                                                                          Law is Just (Rom 7:12)

God is Pure                                                                         Law is pure (Ps 19:8)

God is Good                                                                       Law is Good (Rom 7:12; 1 Tim 1:8)

God is Faithful                                                                   Law is Faithful (Ps 119:86)

God is Wisdom                                                                  Law is Wisdom (Ps 111:10; Ps 119:98)

God is Great                                                                       Law is great (Hos 8:12)

God is the God of Peace                                                               Love of the Law Brings Great Peace (Ps 119:165)

God is unchanging                                                           Law is Unchanging (Mt 5:18)

So as you can see God is awesome and his laws reflect that – so why would Christ put this to the cross? How will we know who the father is and his nature? What is he now if this is all gone?

End of Part 1.