Friday, October 10, 2008

Why are things quiet?

Just to keep those who keep following this blog for information and Updates..... I have not abandoned ship.... Just been doing lots more reading and investigative work.... I don't want to post for the sake of just posting - otherwise the site gets filled of useless information - just like this! :-)
You need to know that I have not left this alone and there is plenty of things happening around the world - Just look at the news - Get a RSS feed of sites like or or and subscribe to the RSS feed...... Just remember one thing - they too are controlled, so not everything you read is accurate!
I am waiting for an email to come through - that I read in hard copy yesterday regarding the Bank and Financial systems, including the stock exchanges.....Quite frightening when you realize what the possible plans are for the US and the rest of the World..... Keep an eye out - as shortly I will be posting the Actual mail here on the site for you to read for yourselves!
O yeah - if you have visited this site from an outside link - and you are on facebook - look up my group and come say hi!

God Bless.