Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cant Belive what I hear!!!

I just landed on a site claiming the following:

Clergyman Says Church Owes Darwin An Apology

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Anglican Church’s spokesman said that the church should admit that they have wronged Charles Darwin, because even though his theory of evolution has become a pillar of science it is still considered anti-Christian in some churches.

You can read the rest there - I also posted a comment which you can read there as well.

I just cant believe that a Church (house of God) say that "Fundamentalist Christians argue to this day that evolution can’t co-exist with the biblical version of the story on creationism "
Of course it can't! It saying that they are FOR evolution and Evolution Means that your adaptation will change over millions of years (millions of years) WHAT???? that is not what the bible says - nor does it say anything about Adam and Eve coming from an APE?
They seriously need to get their hands on Walter Veith's CD on this subject and see for themselves the evidence (scientifically) that we may have Switched OFF some parts of our make up (1 or 2 areas) for adaptation but never GAINED anything..... When sin came on earth (in eden) our diet changed - so through our diet a "few internal changes" to our system happened. By switching off areas of our bodies / animals bodies / we were able to survive on other food sources...... Watch the DVD's to Get a full understanding - or request them from me and I will arrange you get a copy of this subject! The truth of the matter is - you must be a fool not to see and read that God created us and that Evolution is wrong - not any part of it is correct!

God Bless you all.


Jeffrey Mark (author, Christian No More) said...

I just responded to your comment over on atheistrev blog. I wrote a book about why I left Christianity. But Christians are afraid to read it because it might cause them to leave too after they hear the truth.

It seems to me, a book like mine Christians would be jumping at the chance to read so they can prove their religion is stronger than my book and that they can easily debunk what I wrote. But it won't happen. Most Christians I've met aren't brave enough to read it, and so they won't stand in my way and I'll keep spreading this book to the people who have doubts and I'll help more and more people leave the religion. Are you up for the challenge? Go to and see for yourself.

p.s. I figure if you're going to stop by an atheist blog and comment, you shouldn't be opposed to an atheist coming by your blog and comment. :-) Of course, you'll probably just delete this comment and keep hiding from the truth.

n3m3s1s4u said...
Comment posted at the site above:

Jeff Mark
As you can see on my blog - I did allow your post, and yes I do allow constructive criticism. As per your response.... I have read Many a book on Atheism, Agnosticisms, Different religions e.g. Hinduism, Budism etc etc. I have even been down the whole David Icke theory's, been down conspiracy theories and ended up very lost - just like you guys..... God does exist. You are just angry, that some part of your life - you didn't get what you wanted. If God was to answer every prayer and request, it would mean Satan was correct, that we do not have free choice and free will, and end up robots being controlled. I recently went back into my faith as I watched 2 very amazing sets of DVD's by Mark Woodman and Prof Walter Veith. You say I must read your book.... then you watch these DVD's. Proffessor Walter Veith was an Atheist as well as an Evolutionist, and now converted Creationist! WHY???? he has made scientific discovery's as well as Archaeolig discovery's of existance and proof that the Bible is correct in every way! He has proved people and books like yourself incorrect time and time again! Watch them and see - or are you too scared you are wrong? and that God will see that you turned your backs on him? That is why "Thank that Lord" you have us to prey for you, that you will be forgiven. I have recently had an email discussing secret plans and uncovering the end-times as written in revelations.... cant you see that what is happening now - is soon the coming of Christ.....for those interested in reading what the mail says then pop over and look at my blog - I am posting it today....and before you ask questions like - why are the names not there -THINK - if they were they would be in danger..."Common Sense"! I do prey that you find the path again! and God bless your souls!