Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Every Translation - It's Plain and Simple

Before I go forward with this topic- I would like to thank and Give FULL Credit to the Authors of the Book - Ten Commandments - Twice Removed, Danny Shelton and Shelly Quinn, who have brought to Light in many ways the Truth behind the 10 commandments, and the theory of them being nailed to the Cross, which Most Christians believe as the Case...... I highly recommend reading this book, cover to cover to appreciate the true meaning of the 10 commandments and the confusion most Christians are experiencing by them..... I am going to summarize, what I feel are the key areas of focus through this book and the Bible. Please note Danny and Shelly have used the Bible to uncover the Truths of the 10 commandments, please do the research yourself to see this truth in clear mind!

Next Post - On the Topic of this book -with Thanks - The 10 Commandments!

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