Thursday, October 16, 2008

Letter to Daniel - and all who read....




I write to you tonight – like a mad man. It’s going on 01:00am and I cannot sleep. I prayed tonight for an answer to this ongoing battle within “What can I do to get people to listen” The answer is sad but true. People’s hearts have hardened and do not wish to listen as they have been lured into the “world” and its riches and treasures and have kicked God into touch. It hurts me to now realize and see this from a now very different perspective. You are probably wondering why is it I have chosen to write you over all the others, like the apostle Paul wrote to the Churches from the prison in Rome, the answer is easy and clear. You are just like me, you are a man of facts and constant research, you are on a quest just as I was, but you have influence you have a gift of prophecy a gift of speech and it if powerful. God gave that to you and you moved it into music as you did not know how to express it in public.

I come to you with a very important message that I need you as a friend and a brother to do, and take very seriously as if it meant life of death! You were right, a secret organization does exist, a secret bloodline does exist, we were both onto something for such a long time, the answer was in front of us but we were “blinded” by the same secret pact, by the same deception that billions of people are right now as I write this. I know that if you were to spend just half of your time researching this as I did it will hit you right between the eyes!! It did me and does more and more each day when you are onto the truth! Daniel please take this VERY seriously – God does exist! You must have known this from all your research and your emotions your “heart” was telling you this each day that you are alive – the perfect in the creation of all things, this could not be a mistake! Now  - in all of God’s creation – yes there is a Devil – names Lucifer (Star of the Day – aka Sun) look it up – the translation and meaning of his name. He fell as per the bible and has caused deceit from the start! – now getting to how I can prove this. There are many ways I can prove the devil and his deceptions  - the same deception we were talking about –the deception of deceptions! There are many…..please brace yourself – all this can be looked up and proven! Let’s start from the book itself. The book of Daniel (this is not a coincidence I feel) from the Old testament was about Now – these current times – found in ancient documents – dead sea scrolls etc as we know now as the bible. This was over 2000 before Christ came – and for saw the following:

Dan 2:32  This image's head was of fine gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze,

Dan 2:33  its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of clay.


Now look at this carefully – These are time lines – periods and kingdoms over time – Any one who is a historian can tell you (non religious) that this is 100% accurate:

Head of Gold = New Babylon -605BC to 539 BC

Chest and arms of Silver = Medo-persian 539 to 331 BC

Belly and Thighs of Bronze = Greece

And Feet of Iron and partly clay = ROME – you can look this up in current history –Rome has always been referred to as “Iron”  

Don’t just take my word for this – this is the Bible’s and Historians too!

All of these Kingdoms – failed – they could not stay together – each one destroyed the next up to Rome  - then the Roman empire in 538 AD split up into 10 kingdoms (which is currently today) the European and US systems are Roman systems… can check with any historian this information…..People tried to re-unite the European system but FAILED!! As God said this will never happen! Here they are: Charlemagne, Charles V, Louis XIV, Napoleon ( this is funny and so ironic – the tradition here – look it up – says Napoleon, when it failed, through his bible across the room and said God Almighty too much for me….interesting huh?) and Hitler, he too tried to unite Europe and was given great power and deceived millions!

Ok so that is old testament – what does New Testament say – Revelation 12, 13, 14 gives you the whole picture – from creation and fall of Satan – the war in heaven and the demise – then it turns to the same as Daniel – the vision of the 10 toes (10 kingdoms) re-uniting under the same beast (beast are kingdoms) powered by the Dragon (Satan) and being destroyed – The imagery of it all are used in signs  - if you compare the old testament and new testament – Daniel and Revelations – you will notice the Beast pictures and representations ==the same and the combination in Revelations…… The current system (the deception is that Last beast in Revelations) this time zone…..

Let’s look at the Dragon – Satan – Lucifer for a second – Let me prove his power and existence so that you can see that God exists, which means the Bible is truth – then you can see the BIG picture, then the Master deception. Satan – There was a war in heaven to cut a long story short – fell out of heaven. God created everything – Satan misled and lied to the first humans. Sin was born on earth. Deception began = Genesis “you shall surely not die” - the first lie. Now lets move now to your subject, music, movies and TV. As you know these 3 things are the most affective mode of Hypnosis / trance like states / control methods as studied – but its actually simpler when you research how it works.

Lets take some big names – read there biography’s, confessions and Colleagues testimonies:

1.       Robert Johnson – The great Blues musician guitarist – Confessed by collegues and himself – that he was unable to sing / or play a single note and used to make noise to his audience. He went away for 6 to 8 months and came back a MASTER PLAYER!!! He was called upon as the best of his time – you know better than I do that you can never master the Guitar in 6 – 8 months!! His confession was as such – I sold my soul to Satan! He even wrote a song about it, then wrote another one about the hounds on his trail, that he was scared stiff that Satan was after his soul! This was too confessed by all his friends and in his own book before he died. He said he went to the crossroads of 49 and 61 highways and gave his soul to Satan for the ability to play / get rich / and stardom! Which Satan gave him gladly for Worship!

2.       Jimmy Hendrix – Confessed the Same – I sold my soul to Satan. He was unable to play a lick or sing, but was miraculously able to play !! He confessed as did his friends, “ I was in trance like states, something took over me while I played!” Strange, but true – look it up in his books, read his lyrics.

3.       Queen – same thing – they song about “Beezlebub” has a place for me, for me, for me… their music was the hidden truth – sold their soul for Rock and roll. Trade off for Worship to Satan.

4.       Marilyn Manson – well you guessed it – you can see it!

5.       Here are a list of them all – self confessed, witnessed and sealed their fate – Black Sabbath (this is great, dedicated to the Black Sabbath itself….)Metallica, nirvana, oasis, Ac-Dc, Joe Cocker, Judas Priest, Glen Tipton, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Snoop and the list goes on – I watched a 3 hour documentary with all confessions and documents proving the fact that all of these either “spoke out loud” I sold my soul to Satan / were demon possessed or some strange entity took me over while we played!!

6.       What about the Main ones – Beetles, Rolling stones….. look at the album cover of St Pepper. You will notice 3 symbols to name a few = 1 – Alistair Crowley (father of Satanism) face, Shirt saying “Welcome the rolling stones” and 3 a picture at the base of the “Whore, dressed in scarlet, wearing gold etc” as in Revelations and Daniel. Now the Beetles and The stones confessed that you need to “Get em while they are young” and used to worship and praise the works of Alistair Crowley, and performed many of his rituals etc. They used music to corrupt the minds of the kids – the hippie movement and drugs etc…….deception, clog the mind so that they cannot see the truth! Jim Morrison, Ringo Star, John Lennon – all of them confessed and believe that their power etc was given to them by Satan…… if you listen to George Harrison – My sweet lord – it goes on for about 70% of the song in the 60’s that people think that is about God or Jesus, then to be deceive “by the time you are clapping and stomping you feet in Worship” to Hare Hare Hare Krishna!!! Deception again – Krishna is a Pagan god, pagan religion etc – so what happened – the hippies followed Krishna = power!! Now you may be thinking – well maybe all Gods are the same – no – there is only One True God – the god of the bible – that too can be proven…..

These are but a small few that I have learnt and wish for you to study research and come to believe as it is the Truth, I have done my homework and can give you all the study material…. Now what does this mean – well there is a Powerful Satan (fallen Angel) corrupting and deceiving through Music. Movies and TV are the same powerful tools, media as you know and BOOKS!!! Trust me David Icke is a freak – he is working for the Dark side – to Distract people from the Truth, like many other, Dan Brown (one of my favorite) hiding the REAL TRUTH ABOUT the secret brother hoods!

Ok – so why aren’t these secret brother hoods, Satan etc not trying to stop us people from getting out the truth – well they are, they chuck obstacles in our way believe me….but mainly because – Think of this- they have deceived the whole world already!! So loosing back a few souls won’t hurt!

Now I think you are ready for the show down – Rome…..The papal system: Now I mentioned when I started off telling you about Daniel and revelations – now that you know the bible is on to something real…. The 10 kingdoms the Beast of revelations (kingdom) is a newly created – re-united kingdom of Babylon – the one always referred to in the bible. This is a system, and when you put all the clues and signs together you can plainly see that the beast and the system are the roman catholic church!!! WHOOOOAH!! Yup – how better to deceive the world in its OWN religion…..that the Papal system….. The illuminati, freemasons, opeis dei etc etc are all Roman secret organizations…..ok why???? Its easy – the same reason the war in heaven happened, the war now going on – Worship – Satan wants to be God, wants worship etc. Satan has the power to perform miracles, possess, give riches, and heal, but cannot create life! So what is the MASTER Deception and how will Satan try and prevail……Well quite a few years aggo, which they do not deny at all, actually they boast this….Change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday!! Sunday is a Sun worship day, Pagan day, Pagan gods, “Sun of the Day – Lucifer” make sense now…..Satan has been using the Papal / Roman / Catholic system to keep Paganism and Eastern Religions going in its OWN system… these were Religions to worship Satan as a God from Day 1…….do your history of all other non Christian religions, Idols, sun worship etc etc…..All against the word of God – the 10 commandments – the deception against them.

Commandment 1 – worship no other God besides me…..2, no idols…… and 4- Remember the Sabbath (Saturday) the 7th day….this is a holy and sanctified day by God for us to keep as a SIGN to him……. Mark = Sign…… Mark of the beast VS Mark of God….. Yup you god it ……By the Catholics and keeping of Sunday for Worship you are Worshipping SATAN!!! And if you worship on Sabbath you are worshipping and keeping the commandments of God! WOAH!!! Its that simple – deceptions within the own Faith and of all Faith, Satan has gotten in everywhere to deceive all. He created religions to be followed all over earth to Worship Satan….then create NEW AGE to let people get confused and think it’s acceptable to say all religions lead to the same God…….OUCH!!! Going directly against what God said!!

Now for the Bad news……. We are born sinners…..which means our fate is death ……nothing can save us Accept God…… God loved us so much, even though we sinned….he sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we may live eternal life….. AMEN!!! This is a lesson to us, a lesson to the angels from the Start (from the falling of Satan and the 1/3 of the Angels) that God is Love, is freedom of choice and Will triumph over all evil in the end) There is Archaeological evidence now Daniel of all this…..but because we have been PART of the World RULED by Satan and his demons, we have forgotten, been blinded and hardened our hearts to the Truth sitting staring at us each day!! God exists, God is Love, Jesus died for us to show his love, Believe and have faith in this for eternal salvation AMEN!!!) shooo – couldn’t believe that when you see all this – you are set FREE!!! Daniel, now I came to you because I love you like a brother, and I know from all these years WE have been lost, WE have been Searching – SEARCH NO MORE =- the answers are plain and simple. Satan wants worship – God deservers Worship – Choose GOD!!! Do the research and turn your life to Jesus…….then do me a favor – spread this GOOD NEWS! As we do not have much time left……Revelations is unfolding rapidly and we do not have much time left to repent and let the world now this Truth…..

Some reading material and get your hands on this stuff:

Mark Woodman, Prof Walter Veith, Doug Bachelor, David Asscherick – DVD Titles – They sold their Souls for Rock and Roll, Too long in the sun. I will update on more as I watch them and feed the same news – but the evidence is overwhelming!

Sites to visit:

Please accept my apologies for those reading this – if there is any information that is misleading / incorrect / miss spelled and not completely accurate – I am sorry – it is now 2am and I am about to send this to Daniel , then post this on my Facebook group then my Blog.

This is in short summary of everything to know – there is a lot to talk about and a lot to learn, but this is the main message that needs to hit your hearts and get you to start questioning.

I apologize to the following : Catholic followers and Sunday keepers, the pope as well. I have nothing against you, nor the pope nor Sunday – it is the System that I oppose and the deception that we have fallen trap too….. Satan is powerful, clever and very tempting…..Worldly things are not easy to give up and PRIDE keeps us from admitting fault……please note this is not Godly and you should pray for a Sign – you may write a letter like this to someone important in your life….the world perhaps…. We are messengers and that is exactly what I am going to be in my Father God’s name and his son Jesus Christ our savior AMEN!



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