Friday, October 3, 2008

Sad - Very Sad

You know the more I look the Sadder I get....just how many angry / confused people there are out there! I came across another site - and please Pray for this writer and the follows in Jesus Name!

I put these sites and discuss them for the simple reason - to show you how difficult they make it for Christians! BUT I never turn away from a challenge. As you can see on the comments - I have once again commented on the information.

As you can see - more prophesies and writing are becoming true, just in this affect. People have turned themselves from God and Jesus, calling themselves Atheists and believing in rubbish like evolution!
They have to go and see the DVD's and read the scriptures! it happening - very soon - and you know what - even when more signs come - they will still deny the truth - Satan has such a firm hold on them, it is difficult for them to get out! It says that many will fall, too many!
Here is an Extract from my comment on the page above:

—– THIS IS THE WORK OF SATAN - he has got into every area of society — BTW Sunday is the incorrect day of worship (BUT GOVERNMENTS AND SOME CHURCH ORGANIZATION ARE ENFORCING THIS!!) so that evil can provale!! come look at my blog for the facts!

Priest jailed for sexual assaults?? yes - of course - Evil can strike anywhere - even better if it was in the Church’s!! that would make Christians look bad and Satan again would have more followers!

- — not sure what God / Jesus did to upset you - but I can tell you know - you still have a chance, but not for long to Repent and be forgiven! Amen.

Please Pray for these lost souls, and that they return to the blessed hand of God and the Grace of Jesus, that they can go back after realizing the truth and win back the souls of the lost followers!

God bless!