Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Extermisn Vs Terrorism - Are they the Same?

Hello Again,
Here is something you should all see and realize - and pass this on to all friends and family.
Are Extremism and terrorism the same?
In Short they are not! - Look them up.....

If you had absolute faith in something and would DIE for your faith that is extremism......
Why are the governments putting the message (brainwashing) to people to believe they are the same??????
Look at todays news:

You see the picture - if the governments are getting People to believe that Extremism is terrorism - then the people will ACCEPT that prosecuting extremists is OK???
so if you do not follow the LAW because of your FAITH - then you are a extremist / terrorist and they CAN and WILL BE ABLE TO prosecute you.....
You see the trend...... Now get your friends and family to KNOW you and KNOW that your ARE different - but are GOOD and WILL NOT HARM anyone - so that you will be SEEN AS PURE - so when this happens - you have somewhere / someone to go to!

In these times of trouble - people need to know that YES we are EXTREMELY FAITHFUL TO OUR GOD AND WILL DIE FOR HIM...... BUT ARE NOT TERRORISTS!!! AMEN!!

Do I get an AMEN from you all?

God Bless!